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Review of Mosquito Magnet Executive

Summer is the time to enjoy the great outdoors and do activities like swimming, barbeques, and gardening. The downside is, mosquitos and other insects also enjoy the warmer weather months, which means most people end up sitting indoors rather than going out to enjoy all they dreamed of doing. The Mosquito Magnet promises to change the way you enjoy summer by eliminating mosquitoes in your yard and their newest model makes that even more likely. Are you ready to take back your summer fun?

Features of the Executive by Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet Executive Review Mosquitoes are drawn to humans because we emit carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture, all of which a mosquito loves. The Mosquito Magnet uses that knowledge and has found a way to design their catalytic converter so that it is able to mimic a person breathing. This means that the mosquitoes in your yard will be drawn to it rather than you. Especially if you follow the directions and set it up away from your home and closer to their breeding grounds.

The Executive makes use of Smart Technology. This means that it has a user-friendly digital display that will allow you to set the machine up in one of 5 ways. You can use 4 different fuel saving modes so that your propane will last you longer and you can also set it up so that it turns on and off by itself based on the temperature outside.Mosquito Magnet Executive Technology

The Executive is self-contained, uses a larger net, and provides unblocked airflow so that you no longer have to worry about whether the device is working as well as you want it to. The net is easy to change out, it is cordless, thanks to a reusable, rechargeable battery, and it protects areas that are up to 1 acre in size.Mosquito Magnet Executive

Is the Mosquito Magnet Executive Worth It?

The Executive is Mosquitos Magnet’s top of the line mosquito trap. This means that it is pricier than all the rest. The Executive has a better overall rating than past mosquito traps from Mosquito Magnet. It is proven that it will catch almost any type of bug that flies and bites. This includes black flies, no-see-ums, and midges as well as mosquitoes.

What Features Are Unique To The Executive?

One of the biggest things that sets this propane bug killer apart from others is the rechargeable battery which allows for its wireless ability, but more cost effective than those that use disposable batteries. The fact that it is designed to save propane is also a feature that many people will love. Both of these features show that even though you may spend a little more to purchase this mosquito trap, you will still save money in the long run.

According to many Executive review and user comments, it works fine and can last for many years as long as you take the time to maintain it and care for it like the manufacturer directions state that you should.
However this is one of the hardest mosquito traps to repair, meaning it usually needs to be shipped off for repair.

How Does It Compare to the Blue Rhino Skeeter Vac?

The Blue Rhino is another type of device that promises to eliminate mosquitoes before they can attack your family. Some people do prefer the Skeeter Vac to the Mosquito Magnet brand, but there are many Mosquito Magnet reviews that state that the Executive is a better machine. This is because most Skeeter Vacs are not as powerful as they claim to be. A device that says it will work to cover up to an acre requires more than one machine for an acre. Those who have the Executive, state that it is an effective way to eliminate mosquitoes. For most people, that should be proof enough that the Executive works better than the Skeeter Vac. More On Mosquito Magnet Executive⇒

Review of Mosquito Magnet Independence

Features of the Independence

Mosquito Magnet Independence ReviewThe Independence Mosquito Magnet is completely cordless so that you can put it where you need it to be without worry about whether you have an outlet nearby. Instead of using a power cord, it runs off of 4 size C batteries. The first four are included with your purchase. The fact it is battery powered also ensures that it operates quietly so that you can still enjoy being outside while it is protecting you from mosquitos.

This machine is created to attract mosquitoes. It has a patented catalytic converter that converts propane into carbon dioxide (CO2). It takes it a step further by imitating a human being’s body heat and moisture. The fact that it is dual-tone in color also will attract more mosquitoes because they will feel that you are the machine.Independence Octenol or Lurex

The Independence is odorless, even though it uses propane and either Octenol or LUREX3, depending on whether you are fighting bugs in the northern states or lower ones. It is guaranteed to be effective in all weather conditions and it is built to last through many seasons with its heavy duty construction. It has a reinforced base that gives it the durability that most people would want from their investment.

Mosquito Magnet Net ReplacementOne machine can cover and protect up to one acre of land as long as you use an attractant that is designed to work in your area and you change the net every 21 days. However, you may want to change it more often if you live in an area that has more mosquitoes because you have a lot of space for them to breed.

What People Love Most About The Mosquito Magnet Independence

When asked about the Mosquito magnet, there are a lot of features people enjoy. One of the most popular feature Mosquito Magnet Independence MM3200 Price. It is perhaps an investment, but if you look at how much you would spend on mosquito sprays and how much time you spend indoors to stay away from mosquitoes, it could pay for itself quickly. People also enjoy that it draws midges, no-see-ums, black flies, and a variety of other flying insects that bite during the spring and summer seasons. Even though this machine is battery powered, many people enjoy it because the batteries last for months of continuous use.

How Does It Compare to the Liberty or Executive?

Comparison Of Mosquito MagnetsIf you are curious about the difference between models, you should know that there are quite a few differences. When comparing the Independence with the Executive, you will first notice the price. The Executive costs significantly more. However, it does have a larger net and uses a Smart Fuel technology that saves you money on propane. It also has a rechargeable battery instead of using 4 C cell batteries. The Liberty is powered by low voltage a/c power and the propane. It is cheaper than the other two models, but it is difficult to find a Liberty for sale.

How Does Independence Compare to the Blue Rhino Skeeter Vac?

The biggest difference between the Mosquito Magnet Independence and the Skeeter Vac is that the Skeeter Vac is a larger unit. This does not mean it is more effective. However, it does have a motion lighting feature that may increase your success rate. It is cord free and effective after approximately a month to a month and a half. In general, according to the Mosquito Magnet Independence Review, you can see a drastic decrease in mosquitos within a week of first turning it on. Therefore, if you want to eliminate mosquitos quickly, you may want to choose the Independence. More On Mosquito Magnet Independence

Review of Mosquito Magnet Patriot

If you want effective control at an affordable price, you are not alone. That is why Mosquito Magnet provides a budget friendly option, but the question most people want to be answered is whether saving money will be effective when it comes to eliminating mosquitos. To answer this question, you should read our review of the Mosquito Magnet Patriot.

Features of the Patriot Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet PatriotOne of the most impressive features for the Patriot is the available Mosquito Magnet Discount that allows you to have a quality mosquito trap at an affordable price. However, a lower price doesn’t mean less quality. This trap is still covered by the one-year warranty that other Mosquito Magnets offer.

The Patriot Mosquito Magnet emits CO2, heat, and moisture just like many other propane mosquito traps. The included net catches bugs, so that you never have to touch them or feel their painful, itchy bites again. It has a power supply cord to give it power, requires a propane tank, and has proven it is capable of handling mosquitos as well as other insects.

What’s The Difference Between Patriot and Patriot Plus?

Patriot Plus Mosquito MagnetThe Patriot Plus is an upgraded version of the Patriot. It has a longer power cord for more versatility and a 3x larger bug net bag to ensure that it can catch all flying insects before they have a chance to bite you. The Patriot plus is available for purchase based on where you live, varying attractants for higher success rating.

Is It as Effective as More Expensive Mosquito Trap Models?

If you are looking for effectiveness, the MM4100 Review will show that the Patriot Plus is very effective and it is able to last for many seasons as long as you put a little effort into caring for it. The same can be said for the older style, Patriot.Mosquito Magnet Patriot Net

In comparison to other Mosquito Magnets, this is the basic model trap. Others may have features that this one does not. However, they are all going to work the same, just varying size of coverage. They each use an attractant to draw in more mosquitoes and they all have to be refilled at approximately the same time. The biggest reason people choose other options is because they are wireless. Many of them are battery operated so that you do not have to have a power cord running out to the mosquito trap from your home. They all have the same warranty except for the Commander, which provides you with a two-year warranty.

How Does It Compare to the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac?

A lot of people want to know about how Mosquito Magnets compare to Blue Rhino’s SkeeterVac. One huge difference is that the SkeeterVac is able to treat land that is 1 acre or more. All that you will find on a Mosquito Magnet Patriot Review is that they are able to protect land up to an acre. This means that you may have to have more than one Patriot if you have an area that is larger than an acre.

The SkeeterVac uses attractants that are designed to draw them to it. The same is true for the Mosquito Magnet brand of traps. However, there are many people who say that the SkeeterVac uses more money to keep it going. The attractant costs more and it is a more expensive machine.

Take into consideration the area it covers, the amount it will cost to purchase and supply it, as well as the overall reviews from other homeowners who are tired of dealing with mosquitos and other insects.