Do Bat Houses Really Work For Mosquito Control?

We have all heard the many rumors about bats. Some people say that they become vampires when the sun goes down or bats carry rabies. That is why it may seem odd to some people when they discover many individuals want bats to come live with them, in their yard. The truth is, they are a great addition to any property, because they provide effective, environmentally friendly, mosquito control. All you need is to find a couple bat houses for sale and place them in a “bat-friendly” area. Is it something you may now consider?

Why Have a Bat House?

Like all other things that people claim about bats, there are many people who swear that bats eat mosquitoes. Do bats really eat mosquitoes? Yes. The truth is a single bat can eat between 1,000-1,200 mosquitoes in a single hour. How is that for a mosquito control option?

Another reason you may want to have a bat house in your yard is because you will be helping them to thrive. The female bat will give birth to only one pup in a year’s time. If you consider how their natural habitats are diminishing, you will see that the pup mortality rates are not good. By giving homes to these creatures, you are ensuring survival so that they can continue to eliminate mosquitoes as well as other insects.

How to Build a Bat House

You will need quite a few supplies if you hope to build your own bat house. The supplies include non-pressure treated plywood, an 8ft pine 1″ x 2″, deck screws, dark stain, latex caulk, a board for the roof and shingles for it, roofing nails, and saws. The backboard of the house will need to have grooves cut into it that are approximately 1” apart. This will give the bats a “wall” that they can cling to. You will want to stain all inside pieces, and attach it all using caulk and nails or screws.

One important thing to remember is that for a bat, smaller is better. Their ideal area isn’t always as large as a hidden cave. They like to be in areas where they are between tree trunks and bark when they are giving birth and caring for their pups. They also need warmth. Ideally, their home will be between 80-100 degrees so that is why you need shingles, caulking, and dark stain. It is also why you need to place the bat house in an area that faces south and gets an abundant amount of sunshine when placed about 10ft up on a pole or structure.

An Easier Way to Enjoy Bat Houses

Many people do suggest you buy a bat house rather than build one. There are several bat houses available for purchase and most of them are proven to attract bats so that you can start enjoying less mosquitoes and other insects, quickly.

Two of the best bat houses for mosquito control are the Locker Products Triple Chamber bat house and the Uncle Dunkels triple chamber bat house. Both are approved by the Organization for Bat Conservation. They attract bats naturally by resembling a tree truck, where many of the smallest bats in North America prefer. They also have a large bat capacity and are able to hold approximately 300 bats at one time. More about the Locker Products or Uncle Dunkels.

If you want a cheaper option and you are willing to put in some work, such as staining it, you may choose the Audubon bat shelter. It is a best-seller and holds a 4.3-star rating. It does have a landing platform and a rough interior surface for bats to hang on. It is smaller and will hold only about 20 bats. Pricing on the Audubon here.

In the event that you have chosen to build your own or you feel that you should have more bats flying around than you do after a month or so, you can attempt to spray your bat house with an attractant that is designed to draw them to it. It is easy to use and very bat-friendly. More about this Bat Attractant.