How To Eliminate Mosquito Larvae In Standing Water

The way to attack most problems is to venture to the root of it. If you do not search back to find out where the problem started and how it became so bad, you will never truly fix it. The same can be said for the mosquitoes and other insects that are in your yard. To kill an ant bed, you must eliminate the queen. To kill mosquitoes, you must first kill the larvae. Most people think it is hard to figure out how to kill mosquito larvae in water but, you may never be able to enjoy the great outdoors if you don’t get started.

What to Put in Standing Water to Kill Mosquitoes?

Not many people think about mosquito elimination as being so simple as killing mosquito larvae. Most people spend much more money on trying to eliminate the mosquitoes that are biting, spreading disease, and making them itch. However, if you kill the larvae, they cannot grow up to bite.

The Solution to All Your Mosquito Troubles

Bonide Mosquito Beater and the Summit Mosquito Dunk brand of mosquito larvae killers are tablets that will need to put into areas of still water. The Mosquito Dunk will last longer and cover up to 100 square feet of surface area. It is also a little pricier and more popular. You can see more about the Bonide Mosquito Beater tablets here and the Mosquito Dunk tablets here.

If you prefer a liquid, you may choose the Sector or Ecological Labs brands. Sector is safe to use in spray fogging systems and misting systems. The Ecological Labs brand is a treatment option for aquariums and according to many people it is a reliable way to treat these areas so that you will not have mosquitoes or have to worry about your fish. To learn more about whether these are better for you and whether they are safe for your needs or not, you may find the Sector liquid here and the Ecological Labs liquid here.