Mega Catch Mosquito Trap Reviews

When it comes to mosquito control, people are willing to go to extreme measures to eliminate the pests from their yard. That is one of the main reasons there are so many mosquito traps available. Each one claims to be the best and it is hard to choose the one that is best for your yard. The one that is currently sparking the most interest for most people is the Mega Catch mosquito trap. Not only is it an effective way to rid your yard of mosquitos. It treats it without chemicals or propane.

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How the Mosquito Mega-Catch Works

When most people think about a mosquito trap, they picture in their mind the Mosquito Magnet or Blue Rhino brand of traps. They are bulky machines that require propane to provide heat, spray can attractants to draw in insects, and either nets or sticky tape that must be changed out regularly or you end up letting more mosquitos free than you are able to trap. They each provide effective mosquito control until the attractant or propane run out. Then you have a machine that does not draw anything to it.Mega Catch Pro

Mega Catch Mosquito Trap Fragrance Strips

Fragrance Strips

The Mega Catch is different. It does not require propane at all. Instead, it uses an integrated light display and infrared heat to mimic a human’s body heat and breath. There are fragrance strips that should be used to further increase the traps effectiveness. Some of the Mega-Catch brand traps can use carbon dioxide, but whether you have CO2 or not, it should still be effective.

How Effective Is the Mega-Catch?

The Mega Catch uses a 12V power supply. The machine is designed to be inexpensive to run. It burns less power than a 40watt light bulb. Whether you use the CO2 or not, this trap does produce a scent that will appeal to biting insects, by making them think that the machine is a human being. The light attracts biting insects because of the random light pattern that it will produce. It mimics movement which can draw bugs to it if they rely on visual cues instead of scent or body heat. For insects that are drawn to heat, the infrared heat will make mosquitoes think it is a warm-blooded person or animal.

All traps are designed to mimic a human and appeal to the senses that biting insects have to rely on if they want to survive. The Mega Catch is designed to appeal to all senses more effectively without costing you a lot of money. It is the only trap available that uses a light system that flashes in both a visible and invisible spectrum, a feature which has proven it can be effective at drawing in a variety of bugs.

The only true drawback to this type of trap is that propane is able to draw mosquitoes and other insects from slightly further away. Whereas a propane trap can keep an area that is approximately 1 acre, bug-free, the Mega-Catch that does not use propane, will attract bugs in a smaller 3/4 acre or so.

To give you a better understanding of how the Mega Catch measures up against other mosquito traps available, you should take a look at the traps below. The Mega Catch reviews below are very popular choices for people who want to give them a try.

Mega-Catch Pro 900

Mega Catch Pro Mosquito TrapThis mosquito trap uses 12V power and comes with a Universal Voltage Detection to make it usable anywhere in the world. It is eco-friendly and energy efficient, simple to operate, and requires no assembly. It can cover an area that is up to 3/4 acre. This trap can be used with a wet bait or a dry net. The wet bait is a bowl of sugary water. It is recommended that you try both to see which is most effective in your yard. To increase the mosquito catch rate, you should allow several weeks for it to truly make a difference, according to most Mega Catch mosquito trap reviews. You should also make sure you eliminate standing water and other attractants within your yard. More On Mega Catch Pro⇒


Mega Catch Pro 900 Ultra

Mega Catch Pro Ultra Mosquito TrapThis is the most popular Mega-Catch machine. The reviews for it show that it is an effective way to rid your yard of mosquitos. Owners rave about how affordable parts are for it, if you do have to replace parts and they state that it will eliminate many mosquitoes within a summer. The thing is, you must be patient. You will not see an immediate decrease in mosquitoes. More On Mega Catch Pro ULTRA⇒


Mega-Catch Pro 900 Alpha

Mega Catch Alpha Mosquito TrapThis version has an improved heat profile and UV LED lights to increase and speed up the catch rate for mosquitoes in your yard. It is designed to work effectively in small yards and can only attract mosquitoes that are 90ft away. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Positive results can be seen quickly, but total control of the mosquito population could take 6-8 weeks. More On Mega Catch Alpha⇒