Mosquito Magnet Trap Placement

Mosquito traps have proven that they can be effective at eliminating most mosquitoes as well as other flying insects. However, that does not mean that everyone who purchases a mosquito trap is 100% satisfied with the way it performs. In most cases, their issues could be solved if they simply take a look at where their trap is located. In order to have the trap work as well as it can, you need to make sure you understand the right Mosquito Magnet trap placement.

Why Placement Matters When It Comes to Mosquito Traps

The point of having a mosquito trap is to have something that will draw mosquitoes away from people and into the trap. That is why they mimic humans. If you have it too close to your home, you could be causing more damage than good because they will be drawn to your home where they will be more apt to bite you. If you have a trap that isn’t catching many mosquitoes, but you are still being eaten alive around the house, you could have the trap set too far away. You may also need to check around your home to find out if you are giving them a breeding ground in that area. If you are confident that you do not have a breeding ground, but you are not seeing the results you expected, you should take a new look at where you have it placed.

Ideal Locations for the Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet Net ReplacementIf you want to catch mosquitoes, you have to think like a mosquito thinks. Water is where they breed. If you have a water source, such as a pond, you will want to put your cordless mosquito trap as close to that area as possible. By doing this, you are going to catch mosquitoes where they live and thrive. You should also set them up along wooded areas. Even if you don’t have a pond; forests and vacant lots with a lot of trees will still hold moisture. Moisture means mosquitoes have a breeding ground.

Either way, you will want to ensure that the Mosquito Magnet placement puts it away from your home and areas that you will be. This means you should take into consideration where you put your grill and your picnic table or swimming pool. If you put the mosquito trap near them, you will still have bites because the Mosquito Magnet bait will draw them toward you rather than away from you.

Capture All the Insects

If you still are not catching the insects you feel that you should, but you are certain that the trap is in the right area, you may need to check your bait. Lurex mosquito attractant should be used with a mosquito trap.  The attractant will draw mosquitoes, Noseeums, and all other insects that want to feast on you. Once you have found the sweet spot for catching mosquitoes, your job is done. You shouldn’t need to move it around from there. This is because the gnats, Noseeums, black flies, yellow flies, mosquitoes and more, all need water, warmth, and you to survive.