Review of Blue Rhino SkeeterVac

Each year people all across the world take on a battle against nature and the bugs that come out when spring starts warming up temperatures. It is a battle that many have fought and failed at, but then there are a few who make the wise choice and purchase a machine that mimics a human being and then traps mosquitoes as well as other flying, biting, annoying, insects. Of the two major name brands is the Blue Rhino and it promises to beat the competition hands down. Does it measure up? Read our review of the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac to find out.Blue Rhino SkeeterVac

Features of the Blue Rhino SkeeterVac

The SkeeterVac Blue Rhino promises 1+ acres of mosquito coverage with each of the mosquito vacuums. This means that it can eliminate mosquitoes as well as other insects, regardless of where it is located in your yard. All you have to do is turn the FineTune dial that is on it based on the type of insects that are most bothersome in your yard.

It has an easy to use electronic ignition that sparks the propane tank and allows it to emit CO2. The CO2 rating for this Mosquito Eliminator is 35,000 ccs/hour.SkeeterVac Review

It is simple to assemble when you first get it out of the box. No tools are required. The fully assembled machine measures 24.5 x 15 x 19in. It weighs 21 pounds so it is easy to move around the yard, especially if you move it using the two wheels that are also included.

This mosquito trap is completely wire-free. It is also quiet, child safe, and odorless. As an added bonus, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

SkeetVac Tac TrapTo get optimal results, you should place the SkeeterVac in a shady area around your home. It comes with a rain cover to protect it from the elements and from children who may be curious. Once secured in the area you want, you turn it on and the vacuum will start up. As insects are drawn to it and sucked inside, they become attached to sticky paper traps and they cannot get loose.

After approximately 4-6 weeks, you should notice that you are able to enjoy the great outdoors, even in the evening hours, without mosquitoes biting or gnats buzzing around you. You simply have to leave it on at all times and the bugs will make their way inside of the trap.

How Is SkeeterVac Unique?

You will notice a few differences in how this machine works as compared to others. One of the biggest differences is that the SkeeterVac uses sticky tape to keep bugs inside of the machine until they are dead. Other mosquito traps use a net inside of them, that if sustains damage, will stop catching insects. If this happens, you are simply wasting propane. It also promises to eliminate bugs within a full acre or more. Most traps only claim to be at best for a 1-acre yard. With other traps, you are encouraged to change out the net and attractant every 21 days or so. With the SkeeterVac, some people state that the sticky tape will work to catch bugs for about 8 weeks and the attractant will last around 5-6 weeks. As far as propane usage, all types of mosquito traps last about the same length of time. This trap is also unique because of the fact that it has a light on it to further encourage pesky insects to come close enough so that the fan can pull them inside.

Is It More Effective Than Mosquito Magnet?

When asked whether the Blue Rhino mosquito trap is more effective or less than the Mosquito Magnet, the opinions of those who have tried both, vary. According to several who have left a SkeeterVac Review, the fan does not always work properly and gauges would be an improvement. To deal with fan issues, most of the time it simply needs cleaning. Many say that it is better than the Mosquito Magnet. However, it is a little more expensive to run than the Mosquito Magnet and does require you to clean the fan, propane regulator, and other parts if you want to keep it working properly.