Review of Mosquito Magnet Independence

Features of the Independence

Mosquito Magnet Independence ReviewThe Independence Mosquito Magnet is completely cordless so that you can put it where you need it to be without worry about whether you have an outlet nearby. Instead of using a power cord, it runs off of 4 size C batteries. The first four are included with your purchase. The fact it is battery powered also ensures that it operates quietly so that you can still enjoy being outside while it is protecting you from mosquitos.

This machine is created to attract mosquitoes. It has a patented catalytic converter that converts propane into carbon dioxide (CO2). It takes it a step further by imitating a human being’s body heat and moisture. The fact that it is dual-tone in color also will attract more mosquitoes because they will feel that you are the machine.Independence Octenol or Lurex

The Independence is odorless, even though it uses propane and either Octenol or LUREX3, depending on whether you are fighting bugs in the northern states or lower ones. It is guaranteed to be effective in all weather conditions and it is built to last through many seasons with its heavy duty construction. It has a reinforced base that gives it the durability that most people would want from their investment.

Mosquito Magnet Net ReplacementOne machine can cover and protect up to one acre of land as long as you use an attractant that is designed to work in your area and you change the net every 21 days. However, you may want to change it more often if you live in an area that has more mosquitoes because you have a lot of space for them to breed.

What People Love Most About The Mosquito Magnet Independence

When asked about the Mosquito magnet, there are a lot of features people enjoy. One of the most popular feature Mosquito Magnet Independence MM3200 Price. It is perhaps an investment, but if you look at how much you would spend on mosquito sprays and how much time you spend indoors to stay away from mosquitoes, it could pay for itself quickly. People also enjoy that it draws midges, no-see-ums, black flies, and a variety of other flying insects that bite during the spring and summer seasons. Even though this machine is battery powered, many people enjoy it because the batteries last for months of continuous use.

How Does It Compare to the Liberty or Executive?

Comparison Of Mosquito MagnetsIf you are curious about the difference between models, you should know that there are quite a few differences. When comparing the Independence with the Executive, you will first notice the price. The Executive costs significantly more. However, it does have a larger net and uses a Smart Fuel technology that saves you money on propane. It also has a rechargeable battery instead of using 4 C cell batteries. The Liberty is powered by low voltage a/c power and the propane. It is cheaper than the other two models, but it is difficult to find a Liberty for sale.

How Does Independence Compare to the Blue Rhino Skeeter Vac?

The biggest difference between the Mosquito Magnet Independence and the Skeeter Vac is that the Skeeter Vac is a larger unit. This does not mean it is more effective. However, it does have a motion lighting feature that may increase your success rate. It is cord free and effective after approximately a month to a month and a half. In general, according to the Mosquito Magnet Independence Review, you can see a drastic decrease in mosquitos within a week of first turning it on. Therefore, if you want to eliminate mosquitos quickly, you may want to choose the Independence. More On Mosquito Magnet Independence